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I have create a plugin for tinyMCE and It does not load the language file.

The plugin folder stracture is that:


My plugin code is that:


                init: function(ed, url)
                        function(ed, cm, n)
                            cm.setActive('content_columns', n.nodeName = 'IMG');
                createControl: function(n, cm)
                        case 'content_columns':
                            var mlb = cm.createListBox(
                                    title : 'content_columns.title',
                                    onselect : function(v)

                            mlb.add('One half', 'one_half');
                            return mlb;

                    return null;

        tinymce.PluginManager.add('content_columns', tinymce.plugins.ContentColumns);

and my el.js file is that:

        title: "Test Title"

While the plugin is working good, I can't load the language file. Any idea why I can't load it ?

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I assume you are setting the "language" config item to "el" when you load TinyMCE? –  Brett Henderson Nov 23 '11 at 22:16
Yes this is "el". Also I have observed that the el.js is not loading at all. Additionally, after a debug I did with Chrome console I discovered that the TinyMCE language name is set to el. I have to tell you that I use the TinyMCE over the WordPress. –  Merianos Nikos Nov 24 '11 at 7:18

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What you did seems to be fine. I think it might be a problem that you are using a "_" in your pluginname. What happens if you remove that character from the name (and the corresponding lines in your langauge file and plugin?)

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