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I want to add some links to the tab in user modue in drupal. Now when I go to /user on my site it shows “view” and “edit” links in tabs. And I'd liek to add some pages to this tab. How do I do this?

Thank you!

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This might help. Im not sure if you can add tabs with tab tamer, but I know you can remove tabs.

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This answer only applies if you are going to add a new tab for a Views page. Drupal 7 views, filter by owner

Drupal 7 views, filter by owner You'll need to use "User ID from URL" (I just answered this question). Add a new "page" display. In second pane of the View, under menu settings, add new "menu tab" and give it a name. you can forget the parent menu tree. In page's url, enter something like user/%/posts where "posts" is anything you want. Save.

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