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I have coordinates as latitude and longitude, I want to get a list of place from facebook using facebook query (FQL). Does anyone have an example of how to to that? I am also fine with using the graph api

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It's easy with the Graph API:,-122.427&distance=10000&access_token=AAAAAAITEghMBAB7yPm6SoZAeJyU7MnYXqllWwcTLQDZB2g96QCmpb2B2QDAWtPfCkRJtCN8tnPbDrTqaZA6M9fmHdm1FXB0kbmaXEShDwZDZD (Via the online documentation)

I can't get it to work with FQL, although the correct syntax appears to be:

SELECT name,description,geometry,latitude,longitude,checkin_count,display_subtext FROM place WHERE latitude=40.797702 AND longitude=-105.587082

(Try it)

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