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I have been trying to learn more about PostgreSQL and best practices to be used with Django. I can find many PostgreSQL with PHP or PostgreSQL in general (not targeted to any particular language), but are there any books that use PostgreSQL in a Django application.

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The Django Book is a good starting point. It provides pretty clear instruction on using Postgres with Django. While there might be others out there, they're all going to say the same basic things:

If you’re using PostgreSQL, you’ll need the psycopg package available from http://www.djangoproject.com/r/python-pgsql/. Take note of whether you’re using version 1 or 2; you’ll need this information later.3

If you’re using PostgreSQL on Windows, you can find precompiled binaries of psycopg at http://www.djangoproject.com/r/python-pgsql/windows/.

Anything beyond that you're going to just want to check out basic Django and Postgres materials. Neither rely on the other. Django doesn't care what DB you use.

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No. Django's ORM abstracts the database away as much as possible, which means you generally don't have to worry what database is being used (and actually, PostgreSQL is probably the most Django-compliant of the FOSS databases). If you want to use PostgreSQL beyond what the ORM provides then any PostgreSQL reference will do, even the online docs.

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Throw Secrets of PostgreSQL Performance - Revolution Systems in google search
is short but easy to get starting.

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