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It appears that both "read" and "article" are built in actions / objects on Facebook's open graph. Unfortunately, it's not clear how to use the two together.

I tried to create a "my-namespace:read" action on the object "og:article", but I can't find the object "og:article." (even though lists article as a type).

This is a problem for me because I'm trying to register a user action on existing websites that already uses the open graph protocol. This page, for example, has the type "og:article." If I try to define my own "read" and my own "article", it won't work as FB will tell me "< said webpage > is of type 'og:article' and not of type 'my-namespace:article.'

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Under Connected Objects, try choosing the "article" that appears in the typeahead when you don't have your own article defined. That is og:article.

You can also change the og type and it won't impact your existing likes.

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