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I trying to create a loop with data from 2 tables, this thing is giving me an error that says, results more than one row. Here's the script.

$query_amoline = "SELECT * FROM `penny_players` WHERE `memid`=\"$curmemid\" AND id=   (SELECT   id FROM `penny` WHERE `active`='Y') ORDER BY `id` DESC";
$amoline = mysql_query($query_amoline) or die(mysql_error());
$row_amoline = mysql_fetch_assoc($amoline);
$totalRows_amoline = mysql_num_rows($amoline);

<? if($totalRows_amoline>0)
{ ?> 
<?php do { ?>

{ ?> 
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SELECT   id FROM `penny` WHERE `active`='Y'

returns more then one id, your query will fail.

Change to:

"SELECT * FROM `penny_players` WHERE `memid`=\"$curmemid\" AND id IN (SELECT   id FROM `penny` WHERE `active`='Y') ORDER BY `id` DESC";
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You guys are freaking geniusses –  Anari Sengbe Nov 23 '11 at 20:10

You probably meant ... AND id IN (..., since more than one row in penny has active set to Y.

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"SELECT pp.* 
    FROM penny_players pp
    WHERE pp.memid=\"$curmemid\"
                       FROM penny p
                       WHERE p.id = pp.id 
                           AND p.active = 'Y') 
    ORDER BY pp.id DESC"
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