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I have a type like Type<Param>. How I can retrieve the Param in c++11?

May be something like that:

// I know it's not correct but it conveys the idea very well
   template <class Param> class Type 
struct GetParam
   typedef Param Result;

// e.g.
typedef GetParam<std::vector<double>>::Result X; // must return double
typedef GetParam<std::list<double>>::Result X; // double
typedef GetParam<std::vector<std::list<double>>::Result X; // std::list<double>
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Perhaps have a look at this answer: – shuttle87 Nov 23 '11 at 20:02
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template<class Type>
struct GetParam;

template<template<typename ...> class Tmp, typename T1, typename ...Types>
struct GetParam<Tmp<T1, Types...>> {
  typedef T1 type;

However the class template specialization you pass to GetParam can only have type template arguments. So you cannot pass std::array for example. It is not possible to do a fully generic GetParam, because you would have to enlist every possible template parameter list variety, and there are basically infinitely many.

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Fantastically!!! Thank you very much) – Denis Kreshikhin Nov 23 '11 at 20:12

It looks like tr2 might have a typelist in type traits. With g++-4.7 you can write this:

template<class Type>
  struct GetParam2;

template<template<typename ...> class Tmpl, typename Type, typename ...Types>
  struct GetParam2<Tmpl<Type, Types...>>
    typedef typename std::tr2::typelist<Type, Types...> tlist;
    typedef typename tlist::first::type type;
    typedef typename tlist::rest::type types;

typedef GetParam2<std::vector<double>>::type dbl2; // double
static_assert(std::is_same<dbl, dbl2>::value, "Ouch");
typedef GetParam2<std::list<double>>::type dbl2; // double
typedef GetParam2<std::vector<std::list<double>>>::type listdbl2; // std::list<double>
static_assert(std::is_same<listdbl, listdbl2>::value, "Ouch");
typedef GetParam2<std::array<double, 3>>::type arrdbl; // std::list<double>

Everything works but the last line with array. Maybe I'm using it wrong.

It's about the same as johannes-schaub-litb answer but it'll be nice to have the library support.

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