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I make a project on serve and use erb syntax. I want to compile two files: index.html (compiled with template content) and load.html (only content). I create two layouts (_clear.html.erb (with the only yield) and _default.html.erb) and create a partial (_content_for_page.html.erb).

There are problems with compilation of index.html.erb. According to Rails manual (3.4.3 Partial Layouts) I have to write index.html.erb:

<%= render :partial => "_content_for_page.html.erb", :layout => "_default.html.erb" %>

But it doesn't work. Only partial is compiled. What is wrong?

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Can you post your code please. Hard to figure out what is the problem without the code. – Cygnusx1 Nov 23 '11 at 20:46
Thanks for help.This is my project ( Look at views/en/ there are index.html.erb and load.html.erb (only content), _content.html.erb (content partial). – suenot Nov 23 '11 at 21:09

First I just want to point out Serve does not utilize Rails unless the rails gem is included in the Gemfile of your project, but that will do something unexpected considering Serve organizes your project differently than Rails.

Now I don't know if this answers your question, but it may help to know partials should be rendered without the beginning underscore and are usually passed as a symbol.

<%= render :partial => :content_for_page, :layout => :default %>
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