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If in my BusinessStore model/table I have the boolean:

create_table :business_stores do |t|
    t.boolean :online_store

And in my view I wanted it to say "Online" instead of true or false as a string:

<% @business_stores.each do |business_store| %>
    <%= business_store.online_store %>
<% end %>

How would it be done?

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<% @business_stores.each do |business_store| %>
    <%= "Online" if business_store.online_store %>
<% end %>
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Maybe so:

<%= business_store.online_store ? "Online" : "Offline" %>


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I go by the rule to keep the logic out of views, so I would create a method in the BusinessStore model:

def BusinessStore < ActiveRecord::Base
    def status
       if online_store
         "Some other type or blank"

Then in the view

<%= business_store.status %>
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