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Not sure if such functionality exists but I'm curious if I have the following DB as shown below, if it can be updated such that wherever first_name and last_name match all deduction and pay columns are added together, and thus a single line formed. I know a query can be written to get me such information, but I need this query result to actually become the database. (i.e. cleaning superfluous extra lines sort to speak).


first_name | last_name | deduction | pay
skywalker  | luke      | 100       | 200 
vader      | darth     |  50       | 100 
skywalker  | luke      | 400       | 500


first_name | last_name | deduction | pay
skywalker  | luke      | 500       | 700 
vader      | darth     |  50       | 100 

Thanks for the help/advice!

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I don't know if i understand. Are you looking for a view? –  Daniel Casserly Nov 23 '11 at 21:42
No, it needs to revise the table itself. So after the "update" is performed, the result is committed to the DB. –  jparanich Nov 23 '11 at 22:15

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Answer 1

Create a trigger and another table

You could create a table called star_wars and another called star_wars_roll_up. Then a trigger on star_wars that aggregate data to star_wars_roll_up. You write to star_wars and read from star_wars_roll_up. It is safe to delete anything from star_wars whenever you feel like it.

create table star_wars (name varchar(100), deduction int, pay int);
create table star_wars_roll_up (name varchar(100), deduction int, pay int, primary key (name));
delimiter //
create trigger roll_up before insert on star_wars for each row begin insert into star_wars_roll_up values (new.name, new.deduction, new.pay) on duplicate key update deduction = deduction + new.deduction, pay = pay + new.pay;
end //
delimiter ;

insert into star_wars values ('luke', 100, 100);
insert into star_wars values ('luke', 100, 100);
insert into star_wars values ('luke', 100, 100);
select * from star_wars; select * from star_wars_roll_up;
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Answer 2.

You could do the view and then periodically drop the extra data (like every night)

create table star_wars_new as select * from star_wars_view;
drop table star_wars;
rename table star_wars_new to star_wars;
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If you only want to do this once, you can just do


where the SELECT pulls the new data you want for the table. Then just rename to replace the table.

RENAME TABLE current_table TO old_table, new_table TO current_table;
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