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My goal is to list to STDOUT the class files and .jar files being executed by java on a Linux server. I could do some getopts thing to get args to -jar, but other processes identified by

ps -ef | grep java or ps -eo args | grep java

might be executing a class file, e.g. java -classpath /a/b/c myclass A1 A2 . I am concerned that I am looking at an inelegant solution full of lengthy piplines of greps and awk's to solve what should be (I think) a straightforward query. Given that:

  1. some calls are made to just 'java' and others to the fully qualified pathname for java,

  2. a variety of different (or no) java options may be set on the command line for running a process,

  3. some processes call .jar files, some call .class files, and

  4. there may be args to the class,

what is the best way to get a simple list of running java executables, like:





I think that this may be a not uncommon question, but I can't seem to build a search string that locates any previous discussion here. An elegant solution would be nice; right now I am looking at grepping '-jar' entries to a getops call, and parsing the remainder considering all possible combinations. I am working on a solution in bash 3.x


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You can use JVisualVM that comes with JDK But, you need to set up JMX support in your app see Enabling JMX access in the target VM section in the given link – ecle Nov 23 '11 at 23:15
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The jps command introduced in jdk5 might be what you are looking for. Using the -l and -m options it will output the pid main class and arguments. Adding -v will add the vm arguments.

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We actually ended up writing a bash parser, but if we had not done so, this would have been out solution of choice. Thanks Jorn. – cvsdave Jan 16 '13 at 13:38

This option lists all Java files currently opened by a java command. Maybe it is useful to you.

lsof | grep -E "^java.*(.jar|.class)$" | sed -E "s/\s+/\t/g" | cut -f9

It works in Debian.

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