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Im wondering if there is anyway to interogate facebook data on user interests. i.e. Retrieve the following data sets:

  1. What are the most like interests/Pages on facebook?
  2. Retreive the current users facebook interest and also their friends interests?

Really want to know if we can get facebook global interest/like data and than also if the user connects their facebook account to the site than we can also retrieve their interest data.

Thanks in advance

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So you want to implement something like http://www.socialbakers.com/ ? To get 1) you'd have to periodically poll the API for the public fan count of a known set of page IDs to see the current fan counts ( i think this is what socialbakers do)

To get 2, get the user_likes and friend_likes extended permissions from your users and access the /likes connection of the users whose likes you want to read

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Yes you can retrieve user interests from facebook. You just need to include the user_interests permission required in your jsp page. https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/ If you are using spring social you can generate your own url for /me/interests:

URIBuilder uriBuilder1 = URIBuilder.fromUri(facebook.GRAPH_API_URL + "me" +"/interests");
String s = facebook.restOperations().getForObject(uriBuilder1.build(), String.class);
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