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I need to create a set of custom class objects from a text file in which the fields are saved one per line. I have the class

class Person {
        string name, surname, address;
        void load(istream& in) {
            in >> nome >> cognome >> indirizzo;

The class as also other fields such as phone numbers but I think this doesn't matter. And I also redefined the >> operator for class Person:

ifstream& operator >> (ifstream &in, Person& p) {
    return in;

The file would look like

Baker st.
whatever st.

(it MUST be like this, no separators or empty lines, don't ask me why). I then loop through the file like this:

Person p;
while (!(in >> p).eof()) {

The problem with my code is that after adding the last person, the loop is executed again and another Person is created with all fields set to "". I would like the loop to end after the last object is created. How could I achieve this? I'm sorry for my poor knowledge of English and C++.

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You loop should read while (in >> p) { add(p); } –  jrok Nov 23 '11 at 22:36

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Don't test eof. Use the unary ! operator on the stream:

while (!in) {
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One thing you could do is just delete the last person object. Another thing you could try is:

do {
} while (!(in >> p).eof());

Assuming I understand your question correctly.

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