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Does anyone know of a simple way to swap whatever is currently in my clipboard with the current mouse selection?

So lets say my clipboard has the text Foo in it.

On a line of code public void DoBar() { ... I have Bar selected

I'd like a simple key combination that changes DoBar() to DoFoo() and leaves me with the text Bar"in the clipboard (so that if I was to press CTRL-V it would paste Bar).

Note: I don't want to have to fiddle with anything graphical (i.e. clipboard switcher, paste ring). I'm just after a simple key-combination (so CTRL-X: Cut, CTRL-C: Copy, CTRL-V: Paste, CTRL-B?: Swap)

Bonus points for a general solution that works throughout Windows.

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I know you didn't want a solution that involved installing anything, but I landed on this page with the same question, so I decided to post an answer ( that does include a gui )

install AutoHotKey!


Kind regards


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I've been an AHK user for years, and never thought to have a "swap" script. This one works perfectly, and should be marked as the correct answer. Thanks! – Samuel Meacham May 29 '13 at 18:12

No generic solution for this exists, so sorry: I anticipate disappointment.

You might be able to build a Visual Studio plugin with an implementation of this, but it isn't a standard solution on any platform besides maybe Vi/Vim or Emacs (and even then I'm not sure).

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