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I'm experiencing issues with Quicktime in Firefox. I have tried using manual embedding (by the usage of the object/embed tag combination). Firefox ignores the content and does not play it. Safari does.

I then proceeded to use ac_quicktime.js that is provided by Apple themselves to create the embedding code. But i get the same results.

When i try loading the video directly (by locating my browser to the video file) it is not being played as well. Given the fact that it works under Safari, i assume it is a Firefox issue?

I am running Firefox 8.0 but it is not of much relevance, as i am trying to develop a video component for my CMS and this has to run in all major browsers.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions!

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After further testing, i found that Firefox will play the content every few times i reload the page. I added a random seed as parameter to the filename (src="/media/test.mov?seed=2389724932") and with that it seems to work. So it is a caching issue? But how can i correct that? –  SquareCat Nov 23 '11 at 23:54
More testing revealed that the random seed does not help. After a bunch of page reloads the problem persists. –  SquareCat Nov 24 '11 at 1:01
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It turned out to be somehow related to the video format - the problem occured with MOV files, not however with MP4 files. I cannot say i found the reason for FFs behaviour, but at least i found a workaround.

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It is pretty certain that FF has bugs playing MP4 using Quicktime. –  SquareCat Nov 26 '11 at 3:09
This is already a year old but what matters is the encoding, not the file container. Use something like MediaInfo to check the actual encoding for both video and audio and match to the QuickTime supported formats list. (source: support.apple.com/kb/HT3775) –  kenki Nov 2 '12 at 21:31
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