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I am using the VideoJS HTML5 video player on a WordPress site I'm developing. The player launches in a modal window, and it works great for the most part, but the Flowplayer flash fallback for IE isn't behaving as I want.

When the user closes the modal box, playback should stop/pause. This works fine in HTML5, but not with Flowplayer. I've had a look at Flowplayer documentation but can't seem to get their suggested code to work. I've tried several variations, with no luck and cannot find a working example on the net.

It may be worth noting that VideoJS is called from WordPress, using VideoJS WP plugin.

The snippet below shows what I think it should work, where $f is the flow player selector, but I've tried other ways.

jQuery(function( $ ){

        $f("video_1").stop();    /*  <-- THIS IS THE OFFENDING LINE OF CODE. */


I'm working from the HTML5 boilerplate, and this code is in my script-starter.js file.

Take a look at the site under question

I hope someone can help me get this to work.

Thanks in advance.


UPDATE: Am trying variations on this theme now...

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Whatever is your modal plugin , find on Closed method in your modal documentation thenn u can do $(video).remove(); or

var mPlayer = VideoJS.setup("my_video");
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