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I know this is a basic RTFM question but I'm pretty new to rails so any advice on R'ing TFM would be appreciated too.

I'm trying to do a proof of concept with the twitter gem in rails. I can create a client:

Twitter.configure do |config|
  config.consumer_key = TWITTER_KEY
  config.consumer_secret = TWITTER_SECRET
  config.oauth_token = omniauth['credentials']['token']
  config.oauth_token_secret = omniauth['credentials']['secret']
client = Twitter::Client.new

and now I would like to get the user's name with 'client'. Can anyone tell me what method will return the client's name? Also, as I mentioned above, I really should be able to figure this out from the rdocs but I'm still learning how to read them. Any help in understanding their structure would be really helpful too.


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Ok, so I managed to figure out that current_user is a method on Twitter::Client. It sounded like what I needed so I added the following debug code to see if I couldn't figure out what it's structure was:

logger.debug "\n\t " + client.current_user.to_yaml + "\n\n"

This gave me a nicely formatted look into the structure of current_user which led me to client.current_user.name.

I still can't figure out how to grok this from the rdocs but converting an object to_yaml seems like a decent technique for figuring out it's structure.

Again, any improvements on how to figure out this type of issue would be greatly appreciated.


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The name of this attribute is "screen_name"

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