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I've seen this question answered before on this board, I've tried ALL of the suggestions I still am unable to fix the problem.

I'm trying to send this pages (http://shannon-brown.com/clients/Digital17/UB-Email.html) as an HTML email. When I open it in a Gmail account, there are a couple pixels of white padding surrounding my images.

I've tried all of these:

display: block
padding: 0
margin: 0
font-size: 0
font-size: 1px
line-height: 0
line-height: 1px

I've tried all these solutions on the image tags and the TD tags. Please help, I'm going bonkers.

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Although you have to be careful, have you tried using Firebug or Chrome Console to inspect the email in the browser and find the padding/margin problem element? –  Jared Farrish Nov 24 '11 at 1:28

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You may need to add the dreaded !important statement to resolve the issue. Sadly, sometimes it is necessary when you can't control somebody else's CSS.

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You might want to check to see if those extra white pixels are border-related, maybe something like

border:2px white solid

Try border:0;

This seems to suggest it might be a border


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