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I have few form which have different behavior in 6i version and 10g version.

right now I create a field and I set 6i or 10g to control the form but it is so boring .

I want to know is there any opportunity for us to recognize this form is 6icompiled or 10g dynamically?

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I don't have a copy of Forms 6 but the following works on Forms 10g.

You can use the Forms built in, GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY and pass it the constant VERSION to retrieve the version number.

Here is a simple form with a field and button. When the button is pressed it populates the field with the version of Oracle Forms I am using, in this case

enter image description here

The only code is on the WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger:


In this case I am returning the value into a field called forms_version which is found on a block called CTRL

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Thank you so much. it working fine in 6i as well.... – rima Nov 25 '11 at 9:23

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