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How do I configure MacVim as an ODB Editor in Mac OS X? I have Lion (10.7), but I imagine it's the same for Snow Leopard. This process seems to be missing from both the MacVim documentation and a simple Google search, although MacVim's website clearly states that MacVim has ODB Editor support.

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Well, I found one blog post about it from long ago that references a part of the preferences menu that no longer exists.

Also, the +odbeditor flag shows up in :version, but the documentation for macvim only states:

                  *odbeditor* *external-editor* 

MacVim can act as an 'external editor' for Mac OS X applications that support the ODB Editor Protocol (or the 'external editor' protocol). Each application has different ways of configuring this option, check the application's documentation. Once configured properly MacVim can be used to open files in such an application.

A technical note: MacVim handles file open, modified and closed events. In the open event the FTok and Burl parameters are parsed (the latter is ignored at the moment though). In the modified and closed events the Tokn parameter is sent back to the server application.

Which is close, but seems to fail to mention how exactly to make it work.

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