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I have couchdb. Sunspot was correctly indexing everything. But the Solr server crashed. I need to reindex the whole thing. rake sunspot:reindex wont work as it is tigthly coupled with active record. sunspot.index(model.all) didnt work. the solr core says 0 indexed docs even after doing that. is there a way out?

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What I was looking for was this:


There was something bad happening when I tried to index assuming that batch commits would happen automatically. Any way this worked totally fine for me.

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There are a number of options that can be passed to solr_reindex. The same options as to index; from the documentation

index in batches of 50, commit after each


index all rows at once, then commit

Post.index(:batch_size => nil) 

index in batches of 50, commit when all batches complete

Post.index(:batch_commit => false) 

include the associated +author+ object when loading to index

Post.index(:include => :author) 
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Thanks for your reply. What I was looking for was index!() function. Batch commits was not working somehow. –  Mahesh M Dec 10 '11 at 4:51

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