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I want to write a macro that compares two times that is available in cells A1 and B1

I tried to use the following code BUT it gave me "type dismatch" at date1 = TimeValue(Range("A1"))

for example, the value at cell A1 like this 11/18/2011 10:11:36 PM

dim date1 as date
dim date2 as date 
date1 = TimeValue(Range("A1"))
date1 = TimeValue(Range("B1"))
if date1 > date2 then
'do something 
'do something else
end if 
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you need to use Range("A1").Value

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That shouldn't make any difference to the type mismatch error, the value is returned by default when using Range("A1") –  brettdj Nov 24 '11 at 7:06

Two things:

  1. try changing the value in A1 to 11/10/2011 10:11:36 PM If things now work you may have a Regional Settings mismatch
  2. you've declared date1 and date2 but are assigning twice to date1 and never assigning to date2
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 sub compare_dates()
     dim  date1 as date
     dim  date2 as date
     dim  str   as string
     str = activesheet.range("A1").value 'str  = "11/18/2011 10:11:36 PM"
     str = Left(str,Instr(str," ")-1)    ' str = "11/18/2011"
     date1 = str   ' assign it to date1
     str = activesheet.range("B1").value ' in the same way b1 cell value
     str =  left(str,instr(str," ")-1)
     date2 = str
     if date1 >  date2 then
          ' do something
     end if
 end sub
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Can't it be done by simply using .Text instead of .Value?

Dim date1 As Date
Dim date2 As Date
Dim date3 As Date

date1 = TimeValue(Range("A1").Text)
date2 = TimeValue(Range("B1").Text)
date3 = TimeValue(Range("C1").Text)

If date3 >= date1 And date3 <= date2 Then
End If
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