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Just wondering how I can use an element as the text of another element using jQuery. Here is my code:

$("<a/>", {
  "class": "test",
  text:    $("<span/>", {
             "class":  "label", 
             text:     "My Label"
  click: function(){


<a class="test"></a>

Output when using .html() on span:

<a class="test">My Label</a>

Desired output:

<a class="test"><span class="label">My Label</span></a>
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Setting the text of an element is very different from setting the html of an element. text is essentially the character data immediately contained by an element, exclusive of any nested tags. So trying to put html tags in the text doesn't accomplish anything. You could set html to nest a <span> within the <a>, but rather than setting either text or html directly as you are, the more jQuery-idiomatic way to accomplish what you want would be like this:

         .click(function() {
                             .text("my label")

Or if you insisted on using html, you could do something like this:

         .click(function() {
         .html('<span class="label">my label</span>');

Edit: also, when you set text or html, you need to set it as a string. Your example code isn't doing anything because you are not using a string, you are using $(...), which is a non-string object (a jQuery object).

Also, for more on the distinction between text and html (and the fact that they have to be strings), see these pages of the jQuery docs:

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Thanks that's what I was after. – Craig Nov 24 '11 at 4:44

If you need to use variables you can use something like this:

  .text('my label')

But if you simply want to generate HTML, jQuery is smart enough to create snippets of HTML.

$('<a class="test"><span class="label">My Label</span></a>').appendTo('#label_list');
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