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I'm using ListField in Blackberry and unable to apply the row.setChangeListener. Can anybody please help me? Here is my code,

Friendship objFriendship = new Friendship();
  friends = objFriendship.FetchFriends(AATTGlobals.CURRENT_USER.getUserID()); 
  rows = new Vector();
  for (int x = 0; x < friends.length; x++) {
  String UserName = friends[x].getUserName();
  ProfilePicture = MISC.FetchUserProfilePicture(friends[x].getProfilePicturePath());
  String Location = friends[x].getLocation();
  TableRowManager row = new TableRowManager();
  row.add(new BitmapField(ProfilePicture));
  LabelField task = new LabelField(UserName,DrawStyle.ELLIPSIS)
        protected void paint(Graphics graphics) {
  row.add(new LabelField(Location,DrawStyle.ELLIPSIS)
    protected void paint(Graphics graphics) {
row.setChangeListener( new FieldChangeListener() {
    public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context) {
        Dialog.alert("Row Clicked #");

No any error message but setChangeListener doesn't fire, here is TableRowManager

Private class TableRowManager extends Manager {
    public TableRowManager() {
public void drawRow(Graphics g, int x, int y, int width, int height) {
   layout(width, height);
   setPosition(x, y);
   g.drawLine(0, 0, getPreferredWidth(), 0);
  protected void sublayout(int width, int height) {
   int fontHeight = Font.getDefault().getHeight();
   int preferredWidth = getPreferredWidth();
   Field field = getField(0);
   layoutChild(field, 44, 44);
   setPositionChild(field, 10, getRowHeight() / 4);
   field = getField(1);
   layoutChild(field, preferredWidth - 16, fontHeight + 1);
   setPositionChild(field, 70, getRowHeight() / 5);
   field = getField(2);
   layoutChild(field, field.getPreferredWidth(), fontHeight + 1);
   setPositionChild(field, 70, (getRowHeight() / 2) + 5);
   setExtent(preferredWidth, getPreferredHeight());
  public int getPreferredWidth() {
   return Graphics.getScreenWidth();
  public int getPreferredHeight() {
   return getRowHeight();
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Is there an error message? What's TableRowManager? – Ted Hopp Nov 24 '11 at 4:58
what is TableRowManager() in your application.let me know that code then only anybody can help you. so attach your TableRowManager() code also. – Govindarao Kondala Nov 24 '11 at 5:45
Are you sure you use ListField? There is no ListField instance in the code you provided. – Arhimed Nov 24 '11 at 18:21

in tableRowManager add this

    //for non touch
    protected boolean navigationClick(int status, int time) {
                    return true;
//for  touch
                protected boolean touchEvent(TouchEvent message) {
                    if (TouchEvent.CLICK == message.getEvent()) {
                        FieldChangeListener listener = getChangeListener();
                        if (null != listener)
                            listener.fieldChanged(this, 1);

                    return super.touchEvent(message);

try this let me know is it working or not.

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its not working buddy. Do we have write any other code somewhere else? – Suhail Ahmad Nov 24 '11 at 13:47

I noticed, fieldChangeLister/FieldChanged isnt getting called with ListField UI [as it works for button and labels.]So I think FieldChanged is not supported with Listfield

In navigationClick/TouchEvent (), write the action you are writing in FieldChange method.

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