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In my application I am taking screen shots, later I want to convert these screen shots to video like 3gp format.

How can one do that?

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i am trying to convert the list of images into a video file as you tried. Did you got it working. Looking a your response. :-) –  Dinash Nov 29 '12 at 10:22

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I haven't checked for any encoding libraries to date within Android, but, you can surely try combining both Xuggle and a port of ffmpeg to Android altogether.

You will need to compile ffmpeg using Android's NDK http://odroid.foros-phpbb.com/t338-ffmpeg-compiled-with-android-ndk

Then you can try to use Xuggle Wrapper API within your app to make use of it.


You will then have to check if the current build has support for the 3gp format, but I guess libavccodec can do the job.

Hope that helps.

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