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I have gone through all the related questions and their answers in the forum, but could not find any help. My javascript for java form submit is working fine with IE but not with FF. My sample code is this.

function redirect(elem){

    var m = elem.rowIndex;       
    var row=0;
    row = tableId.rows[m];
    var var1 = row.cells(2).value;    
    var var2 = row.cells(0).value;  
    document.formName.action="some.do?var1 ="+var1 +"&var2="+var2 ;



Please need help. Thanks in advance.

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Could you explain what happens in FireFox? Do you get any errors in th e console? –  Erno de Weerd Nov 24 '11 at 7:11

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These two lines are wrong, You may got script errors.So the form is not submited.

var var1 = row.cells(2).value; 
var var2 = row.cells(0).value;  

use below statements to get column values

 var var1 = row.cells[2].innerText;
 var var2 = row.cells[0].innerText;
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