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How can I detect the language of the browser and automatically display the correctly localized version of my grails website depending on that value.

I put this in to Index action

Locale locale = new Locale(params.lang)
cookieLocaleResolver.setLocale(request, response, (Locale)
    render controller: "home", action: "index"

And I got exception--

Error 500: Executing action [index] of controller [socialworking.HomeController] caused exception: null
Servlet: grails
URI: /socialworking/grails/home.dispatch
Exception Message:
Caused by:
Class: Unknown
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First off, you should put that in a filter in grails-app/conf directory. Create a filter if you don't already have one.


class MyFilters {
    def filters = {
           setLocale(controller:'*', action:'*') {
                 before = {
                       // Your logic here

Your logic here could look in many ways, but here is a try:

String langToSet = 'en';
if ( params.lang && params.lang in validLanguages ) 
     langToSet = params.lang;
else if ( session.lang ) {
     langToSet = session.lang;
else if ( ...  ) // Cookie lang is set ( User might have accessed the site before and you have stored their preferred lang )
    // Get cookie lang

Locale locale = new Locale( langToUse)
org.springframework.web.servlet.support.RequestContextUtils.getLocaleResolver(request).setLocale(request, response, locale);

// Set the cookie lang
// We set the session lang
session.lang = langToSet

Note that the above is not a complete implementation but it is almost. The cookie stuff and validLanguages you should be able to figure out what they do.

I hope that helps!

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