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I'm trying to use this code:

var field="myField";

In the html code I have

<form name="myForm">
  <input type='radio' name='myField' value='123' /> 123
  <input type='radio' name='myField' value='xyz' /> xyz

But this gives me the error:

document.myForm.field is undefined

How can I get field to be treated as a variable rather than a field?

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Assuming that your other syntax is correct (I havne't checked), this will do what you want:

var field="myField";

In JS, the bracket operator is a get-property-by-name accessor. You can read more about it here.

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You can reach an object's property with the dot notation as well. You only have to use the bracket operator when the property's name is a reserved word or you can't explicit tell the property name. – Török Gábor May 5 '09 at 15:13

Use the elements[] collection


elements collection in DOM spec

BTW. If you have two fields with the same name, to get the value of any field, you have to read from:

var value = document.forms['myForm'].elements[field][index_of_field].value


var value = document.forms['myForm'].elements[field][0].value

and, if you want to get value of selected radio-button you have to check which one is selected

var e = document.forms['myForm'].elements[field];
var val = e[0].checked ? e[0].value : e[1].checked ? e[1].value : null;
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You have to do it like this:

var field = "myField";
vals[x] = document.myForm[field].value;

or even

vals[x] = document.forms.myForm.elements[field].value;
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That worked, however it doesn't give me the value of the radio i had selected, it gives both radios.. – Click Upvote May 5 '09 at 15:13

Based on your tags, it seems that you are using jQuery. If so, you can just do this and it will make your life much easier:

var vals = new Array();
$("form[name='myForm'] :radio").each(function() { 


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