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Given the following input string:


Stored into sqlite TEXT field. When retrieved with select, I get the following:

When doing simple command line, e.g.

$ sqlite3 databse.name "select a from b" > file.results

It appear in the editor like this:

a screenshot of the editor

When I use, python's sqlite3 lib, it prints out as:


Questions are:

  1. Will switching to BLOB, will solve this for me?
  2. Is there a way to stay TEXT and still get it done right.

Thanks in advance

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A couple of ideas:

  • Make sure the string was originally input as raw so that the escaping doesn't take place before you store it.

  • I think TEXT will work as well as BLOB but you may have to confirm by experiment.

  • Store as a buffer object: c.execute('INSERT INTO documents VALUES (?, ?)', (somekey, buffer(yourstring)))

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ensuring the input is inserted as raw (e.g. r'''INPUT''') did the job, no need for blobing and such. apparently, input was escaped by sqlobject lib. –  Tzury Bar Yochay Nov 24 '11 at 8:06

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