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The following works as expected. But how do I insert the data into forth database instead of default "0" from command prompt?

# echo -n "testing" | /home/shantanu/redis-2.4.2/src/redis-cli -x set my_pass

# echo -n "testing" | /home/shantanu/redis-2.4.2/src/redis-cli -x select 4; set my_pass
(error) ERR wrong number of arguments for 'select' command
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It is important to notice that redis-cli does not allow multiple commands. –  seppo0010 Nov 24 '11 at 10:38

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Just use the -n argument to choose DB number. It available since Redis 2.4.2.

echo -n "testing" | redis-cli -n 4 -x set my_pass


redis-cli -n 4 set my_pass testing
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Thanks - I wish they'd add this to the documentation - redis.io/commands/select –  d-_-b Feb 25 '14 at 5:30

launch "redis-cli" by issuing command:


then use the following command:

select <db number>

For Example:

select 4
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