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Editing the example. I guess the problem is here, but can't understand it :

var aa:Number = 3
var a:Array = new Array (3,2) ;
var b:Array = new Array(3); 
fun(a) ;

function fun(c:Object)


// 3
// undefined

Why i get output undefined in the latter case ? Thanks

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From http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/Array.html

Array(... values)

Lets you create an array that contains the specified elements.

Array(numElements:int = 0)

Lets you create an array of the specified number of elements.

That's why when you define

var b:Array = new Array(3);

it creates an array of four elements. And as there is no value defined in those elements, you get undefined error.

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new Array(abc) 

should be

new Array([abc])

Without [] you only set the length of array.

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So to expand on Mahmut's answer...

Here you create a new array and define it with a length of 3 nodes, but at the moment the nodes are empty.

var b:Array = new Array(3);

I believe you are expecting the output to trace 3 rather than undefined.

So you could add the item "3" like Mahmut says:

var b:Array = new Array([3]);


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