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Beginner question:

I have a simple viewModel and several <div> elements with simple data-bind="text: property" bindings.

The binding only works for the first such data-bind in the HTML.

Example on jsFiddle: In the example, I have defined 7 <div>s with bindings. The first 4 look like this:

       <div id="eagleMain" >
           <div class="eagle-num" data-bind="text: num" />
           <div class="eagle-name" data-bind="text: name" />
           <div class="eagle-date" data-bind="text: date" />
           <div class="eagle-current" data-bind="text: current" />

The script looks like this:

var eagle = {
  num: '2',
  name: "John",
  date: "Jan 1, 2011",
  current: "student",
  memories: "camping",
  projectName: "Clothing Drive",
  projectDescription: "lorem ipsum"


The only div that receives a value is the first (bound to the 'num' property).
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Chris

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Try not short-cutting the tags using />. It only works for span.

Go for:

<div class="eagle-num" data-bind="text: num"></div>
<div class="eagle-name" data-bind="text: name"></div>
<div class="eagle-date" data-bind="text: date"></div>
<div class="eagle-current" data-bind="text: current"></div>
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Thanks. I suspected it was something simple. –  Chris Nov 26 '11 at 18:37

@nEEbz beat me to it.

Solution at:

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