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Our team is looking forward to develop an Enterprise Application. The application is expected to be highly robust and scalable as it would be handing several transactions and 1000+ users simultaneously.

Vaadin seems to be quiet impressive as a RIA framework and it appears it would improve productivity and development time many folds.

But we are not sure of ability of Vaadin to be used as a base for applications which is supposed to be highly scalable. The number of users using the application can grow exponentially.

Kindly if anyone has used Vaadin before, please throw some light on my concerns. Also please let me know if there are better alternatives for Vaadin that would improve the productivity and development time and would form a strong base for application.

We are exited about Vaadin because it allows us to write UI components in Java :)

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This is Ville from the Vaadin team and nice to hear you've seen the light with our approach for RIA :)

A couple of pointers for you:

To summarize, Vaadin scales well if your backend is fast (applies to all high performing system of course) and if your servers have enough memory. As Vaadin is a server-side framework by nature every user session allocates some memory. Our rule of thumb is that a proper Vaadin UI implementation can serve somewhat 10 000 concurrent users per modern server. Should be well enough for you.

For optimizations purposes you may also implement some parts of your UI with GWT and keep some of the load and heavy lifting on the browser side, still with Java. And as for every RIA framework, you can do stupid things with Vaadin as well and destroy scalability/performance. Rule number one would be to understand that every component you use does have a DOM structure - some have simpler DOM than others - and if you abuse heavy DOM components too much (use them when not really needed) you can build a slow and sluggish UI. Nothing new here, all RIA frameworks that hide JavaScript and browser details from the developer have these characteristics. And when it comes to good practices with Vaadin you should check an article from Vaadin Wiki: "Optimizing Sluggish UI".

As I don't know what you are really going to implement can't really say wether Vaadin is best for you or not. Info you've given so far gives an impression that Vaadin would work OK for you. I hope this gives you some info you are looking for.

From Vaadin Ltd you can also get hands-on help for building a serious proof-of-concept if this interests you.

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thanks for the response...is there any demo POC that we can have a look at(preferably with Spring wiring) ?Please give me your email id..thanks!! –  tiger Nov 24 '11 at 9:00
Hi Tiger. Just throw me an email to ville-at-vaadin-dot-com. –  Ville Nov 29 '11 at 21:26
got the server...now to find 10,000 users –  Neil McGuigan Oct 10 '12 at 7:20

My personal feeling is that Vaadin is very easy to work with just as @user1063427 says, but, it has a backside when it comes to testing. So if you are going to have regression tests on the GUI then you will have to put in a lot more hours than most people would like. They have a very annoying way of handling id's on html elements. They use something called a debug ID. The debug Id can give you headaches from time to time.

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For testing, take a look at commercial product called Vaadin TestBench.

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