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I use this line to register a class with the Delphi registry for Soap elements:

RemClassRegistry.RegisterXSClass(ToHeader, ADD_URI);

In the Soap request message, I see this:

 <NS1:ToHeader> ... </NS1:ToHeader>

Is it possible to change the class registration so that it renders the element with a different name, like:

 <NS1:To> ... </NS1:To>

or is the only way to tweak the request stream?

To is a reserved word in Delphi, I can not rename the class to the element name 'To'.

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Looks like that's what the third parameter is for. Try this:

RemClassRegistry.RegisterXSClass(ToHeader, ADD_URI, 'To');

As of Delphi 8, you can use reserved words for identifiers. Use & as an escape character, or use a fully qualified name:

  &To = class;

RemClassRegistry.RegisterXSClass(UnitName.To, Add_URI);
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The & does help. I am not sure about the third parameter meaning, but have tried it already without visible effect. Many thanks for your input! –  mjn May 5 '09 at 17:29

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