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I am creating a photo application where the user selects and image from the gallery and it displays in an imageview in the center of the app. How would I go about creating a share intent for the ImageView?

UPDATE Share intent is working, however, the image can not be shared because I can not save it to the path I have selected. Below is my code. Any help?

public void taptoshare(View v)
        View content = findViewById(R.id.myimage);
            Bitmap bitmap = content.getDrawingCache();
            File file = new File("/DCIM/Camera/image.jpg");
                FileOutputStream ostream = new FileOutputStream(file);
                bitmap.compress(CompressFormat.JPEG, 100, ostream);
            catch (Exception e) 

        Intent shareIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SEND);
        Uri phototUri = Uri.parse("/DCIM/Camera/image.jpg");
        shareIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_STREAM, phototUri);
        startActivity(Intent.createChooser(shareIntent, "Share Via"));



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do you want to share image or want to pick image from native gallery? – Paresh Mayani Nov 24 '11 at 9:29
I want to share the image which is displayed in the ImageView (a photo the user selected from the gallery) – dabious Nov 24 '11 at 10:12
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Try this

Intent shareIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SEND);
Uri phototUri = Uri.parse(path);
shareIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_STREAM, photootUri);
getContext().startActivity(Intent.createChooser(shareIntent, "Use this for sharing"));
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The share intent works great! But, how do i save the image in my imageview to disk? The menu pops up and everything to share but fails because it can not find the specified path. – dabious Nov 24 '11 at 19:57
You need to save the image from the camera application. Then you can pass that file path uri in the share intent. technotalkative.com/android-pick-image-from-native-gallery – Gopinath Nov 25 '11 at 8:38

See the below link. it will very helpful for u. I think it satisfied your requirement.


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+1 oh direct link. Wow :) – Paresh Mayani Nov 24 '11 at 9:29
This actually helped me with my memory allocation issue.. thanks! – dabious Nov 24 '11 at 18:54

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