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How can you easily watch the contents of the Data property of an Exception in the Watch Window while debugging in Visual Studio? It is of the weird type System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal.

I figured out you can see the Keys and Values separately:

        try {
            ... do something that throws exception with Data
        catch (Exception ex) {
        finally {

In the Watch window:


But can you view it as a dictionary or something?

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System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal is an IDictionary, so you could just evaluate the following expression in the Watch or QuickWatch window:

new System.Collections.Hashtable(ex.Data)

Edit: I co-created a commercial extension for Visual Studio called OzCode that makes this a lot easier. With it, you can simply hover over the Exception variable, right click it, choose Create Custom Expression, and type in new System.Collections.Hashtable([obj].Data) // Data. From that moment on, whenever you view an Exception, you'll be able to see its Data dictionary in a nicely formatted way without any manual steps, like so: screenshot

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I think your best bet is to create a function to output the Exception content, including the Data elements, if any, to the Output window using System.Diagnostics.Debug.Write().

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