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I have a spreadsheet that I am converting to an Access DB. I have a column of typed out customer names that I want to replace with the appropriate customer number from our accounting system.

I have created a table with the customer info, and a query that shows what ID needs to be inserted into the source data. What I'm looking for is:

UPDATE tblStarting_Data
SET CustomerID=x
WHERE TEMPCustomer=y

Where X and Y come from qryIDPerCustomer.

Can I use a loop? How do I reference another query?

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Another possibility in MS Access (object names borrowed from Tomalak answer):

UPDATE tblStarting_Data, qryIDPerCustomer
SET tblStarting_Data.CustomerID=qryIDPerCustomer.CustomerID
WHERE tblStarting_Data.TEMPCustomer=qryIDPerCustomer.CustomerName
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+1 -- I was unsure if Access supported updating a joined query (a few years ago I would have known by heart... sigh). I had to fire it up and try it out. –  Tomalak May 5 '09 at 15:54
I think it doesn't support usual T-SQL construct "update x set a=y.b from x join y" and it doesn't support joining with aggregate query, other variants usually work. But I've no MS Access here to check out exact rules; so haven't I written Access queris for year or two :) –  Arvo May 5 '09 at 15:59
I was a bit unclear with the request. Your code ends up being UPDATE tblStarting_Data, qryIDPerCustomer SET tblStarting_Data.CustomerID=qryIDPerCustomer.CustomerID WHERE tblStarting_Data.OpportunityID=qryIDPerCustomer.OpportunityID You got me close enough to what I needed though, THANKS! –  NickSentowski May 5 '09 at 16:20
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I think a JOIN will help you:

  tblStarting_Data AS sd 
  INNER JOIN qryIDPerCustomer AS qc ON sd.TEMPCustomer = qc.CustomerName
  sd.CustomerID = qc.CustomerID;

This can be expressed as a correlated sub-query as well (though the join syntax is preferable):

  CustomerID = (
    SELECT  CustomerID 
    FROM    qryIDPerCustomer
    WHERE   CustomerName = tblStarting_Data.TEMPCustomer

No need for a loop, both statements will update all records in tblStarting_Data in one step.

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I couldn't get your method to work... It makes sense when I read it, but in code it just won't execute. –  NickSentowski May 5 '09 at 16:19
Your correlated sub-query syntax, despite being valid Standard SQL-92 syntax, is not supported by ACE/Jet (even in its own ANSI-92 Query Mode!) –  onedaywhen May 6 '09 at 7:17
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