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I want to have a checkbox in my tab label , but when i set it in label attribute the check box is added but when clicked it doesnt get checked , here's the code i used:

   var tabView = new YAHOO.widget.TabView();

   tabView.addTab( new YAHOO.widget.Tab({
         label: "label1<input id='check' type='checkbox' name='check'  value=' '/>",     
         active: true
 tabView.addTab( new YAHOO.widget.Tab({
         label: "label2<input id='check2' type='checkbox' name='check2'  value=' '/>",     
         active: false

any hint to fix this ?


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The tab labels are rendered inside link tags, so e.preventDefault() is used to stop the navigation to the specified URL. See http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/files/tabview_js_tab.js.html#l17 and http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/files/tabview_js_tab.js.html#l97

You should be able to get around this by altering myTabView.CONTENT_TEMPLATE or overriding the myTabView._onActivate method before calling myTabView.render().

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