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I use PlayFramework and webdrive 2.0 play-module for testing with webdriver. Everything was fine until I update firefox in my Ubuntu. After this my tests open empty firefox-browser and nothing happens.

I tried to use chrome browser for tests like was described here. But there is the another problem, it starts chrome first time, but after it even can not lunch the browser (until reboot the system) - no any error in log.

In fact I prefer to use firefox for testing... but it seem it is a bunch of problems with that, there is a dependencies of current installed browser in the system. Not nice..

Could someone suggest something?

P.S. For FireFox I got this exception:

Unable to connect to host localhost on port 7055 after 45000 ms

I guess, I need update webdriver version... but webdrive play-module uses it's own version in it.

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I found the solution: just updated the dependencies in the webdrive module to use latest webdriver. Like this:

self: play -> webdrive 0.2

    - play
    - org.seleniumhq.selenium -> selenium-java 2.13.0
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