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I need my combo box to have short names of organizations. The problem is i can see organizations names in dropdown list, but cant actually select it. Where is my mistake?

public class ToComboBoxModel extends AbstractListModel implements ComboBoxModel {
      private String selectedItem;

      private List<Organization> orgs;

      public ToComboBoxModel(List orgs) {
        this.orgs = orgs;

      public String getSelectedItem() {

        return selectedItem;

      public void setSelectedItem(Object newValue) {
            for (Organization o: orgs){
                if (newValue==o){

      public int getSize() {
        return orgs.size();

      public String getElementAt(int i) {
        return orgs.get(i).getShortName();

Setting model:

query =session.createQuery("from Organization where isMain = 0");
List orgs=query.list();
toComboBox.setModel(new ToComboBoxModel(orgs));

Thanks in advance!

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I suspect it's that your setSelectedItem() method compares objects using == rather than .equals()

Consider using a DefaultComboBoxModel which already implements useful methods.

Edit: Also according to the Docs you should be calling all registered ListDataListener objects when setSelected is called.

Using a DefaultComboBoxModel is fairly straightforward. You create a new DefaultComboBoxModel add the elements you want it to contain then call getSelectedItem() to retrieve the element that is currently selected.

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Thanks for answer. I used equals(), problem persists. Could you, please, provide an example of DefaultComboBoxModel? I think the problem in my code not the stuff i extend. –  bunnyjesse112 Nov 24 '11 at 10:02
@bunnyjesse112 Have edited the answer –  Jim Nov 24 '11 at 10:16
Hey, Jim, thank you very much for your help! –  bunnyjesse112 Nov 24 '11 at 15:34

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