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Ok so I am using this code to hide the taskbar icon of a dialog based MFC application(VC++). The taskbar icon and the dialog box hide whenever I click on the cross or the close buttons. But I can’t get this one thing right. Whenever I hit the close or the cross button from title bar, the dialog box first flickers and shows a sort of intermediate dialog box and then hides. This is very annoying. I am posting my code here after two days of vain effort. So guys please help me. Thanks in advance.

void CMyAppDlg::OnBnClickedCancel()
  // TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
  CWnd* pWnd;
  pWnd = AfxGetMainWnd();

  pWnd->ModifyStyle(WS_VISIBLE, 0);
  mVisible = FALSE;

BOOL CMyAppDlg::RemoveTaskbarIcon(CWnd* pWnd)
  LPCTSTR pstrOwnerClass = AfxRegisterWndClass(0);

  // Create static invisible window
  if (!::IsWindow(mWndInvisible.m_hWnd))
    if (!mWndInvisible.CreateEx(0, pstrOwnerClass, _T(""),
             NULL, 0))
      return FALSE;


  return TRUE;

Here are the screen shots of dialog box. When I press the close or cross button, the dialog box which looks like this in the first place turns into this for like less than half a second and then disappears (hides).

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Change the window style if you don't want the dialog in the taskbar. Don't mess with invisible parent windows (children of windows that aren't visible... aren't visible). Look at WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW. – Nov 24 '11 at 13:07
Also you should not toggle WS_VISIBLE directly. Use ShowWindow(SW_HIDE). – Nov 24 '11 at 13:08

If you show your dialog using CDialog::DoModal() the framework will make sure your dialog is shown. There is only one way to prevent a modal dialog from being shown:


BOOL CHiddenDialog::OnInitDialog()
    m_visible = FALSE;

    return TRUE;

void CHiddenDialog::OnWindowPosChanging(WINDOWPOS FAR* lpwndpos) 
    if (!m_visible)
        lpwndpos->flags &= ~SWP_SHOWWINDOW;

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Maybe an obvious thing, but what happens when you do the hide before you reparent the dialog? Also what if you don't directly modify the window style but use ShowWindow(SW_HIDE)?

Finally, have you tried switching the dialog's window style to WS_CHILD before calling SetParent() and/or maybe moving it out of the client area so that the window isn't shown any more (MoveWindow(-1000, -1000) or something like that).

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