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I think I have read all the issues regarding sencha phonegap and json.

However I would like to seek help on how to bind my JSON in my device. In Chrome it's working perfectly, but when I compile it using Eclipse, it becomes dead when it comes to binding to the JSON data. I got a simple textfield, put value then filter the store. but nothing is happening.

My device is running android 2.1, all my .js and .json files are under the folder assets/www:

//sample store
var bogus = new Ext.data.Store({
  model: 'Dictionary',
      proxy: {
      type: 'ajax',
      reader: {
        type: 'json',
        root: 'table_t'

//** heres my action event in searchfield
//** programmatically changes the json data
bogus.proxy.url = 'another.json';

bogus.load();//then load

Ext.getCmp('mylist').bindStore( bogus );/* this becomes dead :(   */

I appreciate your help.

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For those of you having problem with offline JSON, you can edit your sencha-debug.js and look for this: on Ext.data.Connection.onComplete,

then change the first if statement to:

if ((status >= 200 && status < 300) || status == 304 || 
  (status == 0 && r.xhr.responseText.length > 0) ) {

the fix came from joelmay from sencha forum. Thanx.

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