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Why could GEOLOCATION_MODE_WLAN not be available?

I am using a BlackBerry Bold 9780. The wifi on my device is turned on. Here are 5-10 wifis around and I am even connected to one. I sometimes got a Wlan-fix but I can't get any for a while.


Returns false.

I just noticed that GEOLOCATION_MODE_WLAN is quiet a new thing in Blog: Please refer this blog-post

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2 Answers

You can use Google's service instead which is much more reliable and accurate and also accepts wifi data. See here: Cell triangulation on BlackBerry

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Not exactly an acceptable answer to the question but a great and helpful link/idea. Thanks :) –  cschuff Nov 24 '11 at 17:38
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I finally got it going by setting a maxAge when setting the LocationListener (was -1 => default before):

myLocationProvider.setLocationListener(new LocationListenerImpl(), 600, 300, 30);

I can reproduce this, but is does not make any sense to me... And it does not work everytime. Whatever I give up on this...

  • EDIT -

It might also not be supported by your carrier.

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