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With MySQL, how can i query a column from the table at 3 level depth?

I mean:
[main table] ---> [child table 1] ---> [child table 2]
> C#1's ID -------- > C#2's ID ------------ > String Column

For example:

- id
- bookid *
- date
- staff

- id
- authorid *
- title

- id
- name

By knowing only transaction.id, so how can i query for a result including following columns?
.. transaction.date , book.title , author.name ..

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select t.date,b.title,a.name from book b  
innerjoin transaction t on t.bookid = b.id 
innerjoin author a on b.authorid = a.id
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Thats so great! and simple. –  夏期劇場 Nov 24 '11 at 11:05
select transaction.date , book.title , author.name
from transaction
     join book on transaction.bookid=book.id
     join author on book.authorid=author.id
where transaction.id=<id>;

See more on joins here http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/join.html

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Use MySQL join syntax.

SELECT transaction.date , book.title , author.name 
FROM transaction 
     LEFT OUTER JOIN book ON transaction.bookid=book.id 
     LEFT OUTER JOIN author ON book.authorid=author.id 
WHERE transaction.id={your_transaction_id}

I use OUTER JOIN because that returns transaction even if book or author was deleted from DB. In this case result will be look like this: '2011-01-12',NULL,NULL

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