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From a master html template I'm calling #{doLayout} which renders my view html. I'd like to call a custom html template as well such as #{happyHeader} which I'd like to define inside my view html file. Something like this:


And in my index.html have something like this:

<p>My happy doLayout main content here</p>
#{define happyHeader}
  <h1>Nice header</h1>

I've looked around StackOverflow and couldn't find a similar question, and neither do the custom template solutions in the Play Framework docs seem to cover this.

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You do this with #{set} and #{get}.

You set the value in your index.html like this:

#{set 'happyHeader'}
  <h1>Nice header</h1>

And you get it in your main.html like this:

#{get 'happyHeader' /}
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