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I have a string lots\t of\nwhitespace\r\n which I have simplified but I still need to get rid of the other spaces in the string.

QString str = "  lots\t of\nwhitespace\r\n ";
str = str.simplified();

I can do this erase_all(str, " "); in boost but I want to remain in qt.

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str = str.simplified();
str.replace( " ", "" );

The first changes all of your whitespace characters to a single instance of ASCII 32, the second removes that.

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+1 for simplified. Thanks dude –  Niklas Dec 24 '13 at 10:54

QString::remove(' ') or QString::remove(" ") will remove all spaces in your string, and return a reference to the (modified) string.

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Try this:

str.replace(" ","");
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