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We need to add anti-XSS support in our Struts application. Most specifically the architect requires that all user input must be "sanitized" before storing in DB. As I don't want to reinvent the square wheel, which Java library can I use for this ? And where to put it ? Ideally it should be configurable (which input fields to check, not all of them in request) and fast. My first thought is Struts Validator.

Thanks in advance Lluis

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I think this is more of a programming question. This type of sanitation should be done at the client and data layers of your application. – Dana the Sane May 5 '09 at 16:29

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If you seach google for XSS Java Filter, you'll come up with many open source solutions, such as this one.

You could also look at the OWASP validation project.

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I recommend you look into OWASP's ESAPI project. It has been under development for over a year, and is approaching its 2.0 release.

For escaping values stored in the database, check out the Encoder.encodeForSQL() method (reference implementation).

For input validation, check out the Validator (reference implementation).

Note: my understanding is that the functionality provided by older projects such as Stinger and CSRFGuard is being included in ESAPI.

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