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I have a question regarding the framework. I based my CRUD on your live example. I have this URL:

In my api.php file, I used GET method on this request:

public function __construct(){
    $this->dp = new Control();

public function get($id=NULL, $id2=NULL, $id3=NULL, $id4=NULL)
        case "t1":
            return $this->dp->t1(func_get_args());
        case "t2":
            return $this->dp->t2(func_get_args());
            throw new RestException(400);

Then on my control.php,

public function t1($numbers) {

The response body of this is

Array ( [0] => t1 [1] => module1 [2] => [3] => )

What I want to achieve in here is get the values of query1 and query2? How can I do this?


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I have created the following proof of concept and tested it and made sure it works!

class Api {
    public function get($id = NULL, $id2 = NULL, $id3 = NULL, $id4 = NULL, $query1 = NULL, $query2 = NULL) {
        return "$query1 $query2";

For hosting the API above I use the following index.php (gateway)

require_once '../../restler/restler.php';
require_once 'api.php';
$r = new Restler();

When I call



I get

"mama papa"

So I should be able to pass it to another class another method easily

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Thanks for the reply. It doesn't work Arul. What I do now is get the value from $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] but for me is not the best way to do it. – planet x Nov 24 '11 at 12:52
It works fine! I have tested and updated my example above with proof of concept. If this is not what you want, let me know – Arul Nov 24 '11 at 13:44

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