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I want to make a mvvm project on java. But I can not find a sample project. There ara a few android sample but I dont want to make a project an android. So how can I make a project with mvvm pattern.

I am trying a desktop application on which there are comboboxes and a data grid. that app must connect to database (it can be mysql) and data grid must be filled with data. any changes on the combo box'es must change the grid's content. may be I want to make crud operation on later steps.

So any suggestions...

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Take a look at JavaFX framework. It was already mentioned in a couple of other stackoverflow questions:

You may also find this blog post very interesting. It mentions Presentation Model (a pattern highly related to MVVM) and walks you trough basic JavaFX concepts regarding FXML (smth. like XAML in WPF).

EDIT: Simmilar question on stackoverlow

Is there anything similar to WPF and MVVM in Java world?

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Thank you but my project have to be use mvvm not anything like "higly related". my boss do not allow me to use a pattern other than mvvm even if it is much more useful. But still thanks for answering. –  yasedox Nov 24 '11 at 15:38

Here is an article on a Java framework doing MVVM ("presentation model"), MVP ("passive view") and a hybrid MVVMP/MVC ("supervising controller")

Implementing event-driven GUI patterns using the ZK Java AJAX framework

It has full source code which deploys on three different PaaS cloud services.

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