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The jQueryPosition class in Script# is sealed and has got a private constructor. Its 2 properties (Left and Top) are also read-only.

What is the correct way of creating a new instance of jQueryPosition to be used with Offset() and other similar methods?

The only way I see now is to create a JSON string and then to convert it into the object, which is somewhat unsightly way of modifying a single property.

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You could either download the Script# assembly source here and modify the jQueryPosition type yourself.

Or you can create a new type with casts wrapped up in some helper methods. For instance:

class jQueryPositionMutable 
    public int Left;
    public int Top;

    public static jQueryPositionMutable FromJQueryPosition(jQueryPosition p)
        return (jQueryPositionMutable)(Object)p;

    public jQueryPosition ToJQueryPosition()
        return (jQueryPosition)(Object)this;
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That's worked, thanks! Unfortunately, operator overloading is not supported by Script# at the moment (although they can be easily translated into the method calls internally by the compiler) - that would make the solution look better. –  pennanth Nov 28 '11 at 8:48

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